Well Done to Boys/Mixed 7-a-side Cumann na mBunscol team on reaching the final in the 2 teacher schools.

Final in Ballyleague on Thursday 9th June ( it will be after school) time and details to follow. 



School Jumpers

As per other years the sew-on crests are still available from the school for anyone who wishes ( @ €3 each).

Some parents may wish to continue with the crested jumpers so orders may be placed again this year for anyone who wants them. The Jumpers are from 'Arthers Court' the same as previous years.

The Cost should remain the same as last year( depending on the overall order size) €17 approx for smaller sizes and €20/€22 for larger sizes, as the larger sizes have vat added.

The company has asked that we get the order in as early as possible in order to guarantee that we have all jumpers received in plenty of time for the new school year.

Sizes start at: 28 which is 4-5 years.  All money is payable on receipt of jumper. 

Should you wish to order crested jumpers please text or contact Sinead Cunningham  on 0879262694 by the 27th of May.




Clothes Collection May 2022

Many thanks to all who donated,  over 800kg collected ( @50c/kg )



Newsletter Term 3 -  April 2022

Cumann na mBunscol ‘7 aside boys’ blitz to take place on Weds 27th April in Ballinameen pitch starting at 10:30am.

Teams involved; -    Ballinameen NS

                                Grange NS

                                Kingsland NS

Winners go through to next round (Quarter finals).

Girls 7 aside competition will take place on Friday 6th May in Ballinameen pitch.

Ballinameen NS v’s Kingsland NS

Winners go through to next round (Quarter finals) time to be arranged.


Dates for Diary

Ballinameen NS and Kingsland NS First Communion date – Sat 21st of May in Breedogue Church at 11:00am.

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May (School closed).

Bank Holiday Monday 6th June (School closed).

School will be closing on Friday 24th June at 11:30am for summer holidays.

School reopening Monday the 29th August 2022.

School Tour (provisionally booked) Tuesday 21st June
Lough Gara Stables; Various activities including Horse Riding, Pet farm, Archery, Air soft shooting, assault course.  Full details closer to date. Estimated cost single child 30 euro. Two or More children 50 euro total. 

Kingsland NS clothes collection fundraiser - Final drop off date is Thursday 5th May. (Proceeds go towards school tour bus).

Green Schools : Senior Room will be going on a Field Trip to a Beach as part of the Marine Green schools Flag this term. Details to follow later in May.

Gaelic Coaching

(Qualified Gaelic Coach)

Senior Room 3rd to 6th class in May/June either a Monday or Wednesday – to be confirmed (1 hour)

Children may wear P.E gear plus have spare runners/football boots for grass or bring in gear to change into.



School Transport Information 2022/2023

Bus Éireann are currently accepting applications for transport, under the School Transport Scheme for 2022/2003.

6th Class students who will be attending Post Primary School in September and also new entrants into your own shcool who may wish to apply for transport.

Applications are made online by the parents at www.buseireann.ie/school transport   follow link below - 

  About School Transport - Bus Éireann - View Ireland Bus and Coach Timetables & Buy Tickets (buseireann.ie)

Applications should be submitted before last Friday in April 2022. Late applicants are not guaranteed a seat. The current charge is €100 per child with a family max of €150


Green Schools News :  Poster Competition

Sophie Higgins submission to the Green-schools Marine Spatial Planning Poster Competition has won 2nd place Prize in the Senior Primary Category ! Congrats Sophie - WELL DONE !


Newsletter February- March 2022

Easing of Covid 19 Restrictions after Mid Term Break

Staying at home if you have symptoms: The requirement to stay at home if you have symptoms remains – for students and staff alike. One of the key messages to manage the risks of COVID-19 is to do everything practical to avoid the introduction of COVID-19 into the school. If infection is not introduced it cannot be spread.

Hand Hygiene: Schools should continue to promote good hygiene. Hand hygiene can be achieved by hand washing or use of a hand sanitiser (when hands look clean).

Face coverings/mask wearing: It is no longer a requirement for staff or pupils/students to wear a face covering/mask in school. Staff and student/pupils can continue to wear a face covering/mask if they wish to do so on a personal basis.

School transport and Face coverings/mask wearing: With effect from Monday 28 February the wearing of face coverings/masks on school transport will no longer be mandatory but will continue to be advised. All other measures relating to hygiene (including the provision of hand sanitiser and additional cleaning of services) and pre-assigned seating will remain in place subject to further review.

Return to Work Form/ return to schools form: Schools no longer need to request staff or pupils/students to complete a Return to Work form or a Return to School form after school holidays/breaks.

Antigen testing arrangements for children in primary schools:   As part of the transition arrangements the HSE will continue with the current processes to support the provision of antigen tests to primary schools, special schools and childcare settings. The Antigen Free phone number is: 1800 110055 or parents may order antigen tests online via www.hse.ie/schooltest. The call centre opening hours will be altered slightly and from next week onwards will be 8:45am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). The online portal will remain operational 24/7 and will shortly be available through Irish as well as English. Participation in antigen testing a voluntary, therefore it is not necessary for parents to share information with the school about whether they have requested antigen tests and nor to confirm negative antigen tests Children who are well should continue to come to school whether they participate in antigen testing or not.

Dates to remember: School Closures

Early Closing on Wednesday 9th March: School Bus Collecting at 2.30pm, cars at 2.45pm. to facilitate Parent Teacher Meeting. (Face to Face)

Closed 17th March St. Patrick’s Day Thursday

Closed 18th March New Public Holiday Friday

Closing at 11:45am on Friday 8th April to facilitate Staff Primary Language Curriculum School In-service Day. Easter Holidays begin then.

Easter Holidays from Monday 11th April (2 weeks) Reopening Monday 25th April.

Dropping and Collecting:

Routine will remain the same for collecting Infants at 2.00pm, the teacher will bring the class out to the yard and Parents collect from there. Same at 3.00pm, children will come out to yard. If children are being collected early during the day parent come in to the school and sign them out/ sign in if returning.

Parent Teacher meetings:

Parent Teacher meetings (Face to face) will be held next week on Wednesday 9th. March,  for those who can or wish to attend, times will be issued on Monday next 7th March. As per circular meeting will take place between 3.15pm and 5.45pm. Early Closing on Wednesday 9th March: School Bus Collecting at 2.30pm, cars at 2.45pm. to facilitate Parent Teacher Meeting.



First Holy Communion 2022: Date is set for Saturday May 21st at 11:00am Mass in Breedogue Church.for  Ballinameen NS and Kingsland NS pupils.  


September 2022 Enrolment for Kingsland NS 

Enrolemnt Forms and Pack are available for collection from the school or can be posted out. Please contact school via email or phone. office@kingslandns.ie or 0949870608.

Closing date for enrolment is Friday 25th Februry. 


COVID-19 vaccines for 5-11 year olds


The Department has been asked by the HSE to disseminate a letter for principals regarding this vaccine programme. The letter is available at this link:



Further correspondence on the HSE’s immunisation schools programmes is available here.




School Transport Review Survey:

Department of Education Notice: Link to survey being carried out in relation to review of school transport, this survey is for parents.

gov.ie - Review of the School Transport Scheme (www.gov.ie)


Please see video link below with most recent information for you on Covid-19 from HSE.

communications campaign


Antigen Test Kits 

The Antigen Freephone number is 1800110055 (Roll no. is 18182I capital i) and parents may order antogen tests online via www.hse.ie/schooltest



Christmas Fundraiser (Dylan's Journey) Jumper Day: Raised 63 euro. Thanks to all.

Kingsland NS REOPENING on Friday 7th January 2022.


Reopening of Schools Jan 2022

The general Covid 19 protocol for schools remains the same as prior to the Christmas Holidays and the Department of Education and Skills has issued Circular 01/2022 which contains the following information with regard to Pupils and a positive case in the school:

Children and COVID-19 (Primary Schools)  Circular 01/2022 Department of Education

When a Principal is notified that a child who has been in school during the infectious period has a positive (detected) COVID-19 PCR test result, school principals are asked to text the other parents in the pod to let them know how they can access free antigen tests for their children in the identified pod. If there is more than one PCR positive case in a class then antigen tests can be arranged for the entire class.

All children in the pod/class can continue to attend school as long as they remain asymptomatic and they do not have a positive COVID-19 antigen or PCR test result. Children who have symptoms of COVID-19 should stay at home, isolate and arrange to have a PCR test, either online or through a GP.

Note – If a pupil is identified as a CLOSE CONTACT of a case in their HOUSEHOLD they will have to restrict their movement as per national guidelines for household close contact and get a PCR test as soon as possible.

Memo TO: All School Principals FROM: Dr. John Cuddihy, Acting HSE National Clinical Director of Health Protection RE: Return to school guidance from HSE Public Health DATE: 04/01/2022

As schools reopen in 2022, as stated in memo:

‘Symptom profiles are available here Symptoms of COVID-19 - HSE.ie  and we advise parents to take a precautionary approach, particularly for children less able to articulate their symptoms, that if a child appears unwell, observe them at home and contact their GP as appropriate.’.....’for all staff and pupils the  importance of abiding by the national public health measures currently in place at all times e.g. vaccination (including boosters), social distancing, use of face masks, hand hygiene, ventilation and minimising social contacts.’ Are as important as ever in the fight against Covid 19.


Selection Boxes

Thank you to Ballinameen GAA Club and Community Games for Organising selection boxes for the children in our school and local schools in the Parish.


First Communion Notice to Parents 

Online Seminars in January:

Between January and May 2022 our diocesan catechists will host three online sessions for parents of First Holy Communion Children.

Attached is the information regarding the sessions for parents of First Holy Communion children in the parishes of the Boyle deanery.  This information will also be on our diocesan website www.elphindiocese.ie and social media and will continue to be promoted over the months


Parental Notice Regarding Covid -19 Vaccinations for 5 -11 year olds:

Please follow the links for Offical HSE info:

https://www2.hse.ie/screening-and-vaccinations/covid-19-vaccine/get-the-vaccine/covid-19-vaccination-for-children/  or you can download these information booklets from HSE.ie.

Important information for parents and guardians about the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 (Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech) (PDF, size 1.11 MB, 16 pages)

Important information for parents and guardians about the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 (Irish) (PDF, 1.7 MB, 16 pages)



Face Coverings in Primary School

NPHET has recommended the wearing of face masks/coverings by children aged nine years and above on public transport, in retail and other indoor public settings as already required for children aged 13 years and over.  They have also recommended that this is introduced for children in 3rd class and above in primary schools.  They have advised that this measure is being introduced on a temporary basis and is subject to review in mid-February 2022.

Wearing a face covering or mask does not negate the need to stay at home if symptomatic.

Guidance on Face Coverings in Primary Schools

Wearing of face masks/coverings

Pupils from third class and up in primary schools are required to wear a face mask/covering. The exemptions to this are set out below.


Face masks/coverings

Face masks/coverings act as a barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from travelling into the air and onto other people when the person wearing the face mask/covering coughs, sneezes, talks or raises their voice. Face masks/coverings are therefore intended to prevent transmission of the virus from the wearer (who may not know that they are infected) to those with whom they come into close contact.


Face masks/coverings must not contain any slogans/logos/images that may cause upset or be deemed offensive to any member of the school community.



Face masks/coverings are more effective than visors. In the limited circumstances where a face mask/covering cannot be worn clear visors must be considered.



A medical certificate to certify that a person falls into a category listed below must be provided to the school on behalf of, any person (pupil) who claims that they are covered by the exemptions below:

         any pupil with difficulty breathing or other relevant medical conditions

         any pupil who is unable to remove the cloth face-covering or visor without assistance 

         any pupil who has special needs and who may feel upset or very uncomfortable wearing the cloth face covering or visor, for example pupils with intellectual or                    developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, sensory concerns or tactile sensitivity.


Schools will be best placed to identify those children whose complex needs are such that the wearing of face covering may not be possible for them, and to discuss this with parents as required. In such circumstances a school may not require medical certification to provide an exemption to the wearing of face coverings. In other circumstances where a medical certificate is not provided that person (staff or pupil) will be refused entry to the school.


Directions for effective use of face masks/coverings

    Information should be provided by schools on the proper use, removal, and washing of face coverings. Advice on how to use face coverings properly can be found   gov.ie - When to wear face coverings and how to make them (www.gov.ie)


    All pupils should be reminded not to touch the face covering and to wash or sanitise their hands (using hand sanitiser) before putting on and after taking off the face covering.

     Face masks/coverings should be stored in a designated space, for example, in an individually labelled container or bag.

     Cloth face coverings should be washed after every day of use and/or before being used again, or if visibly soiled.

     Face masks/coverings should not be worn if they are wet. A wet cloth face covering may make it difficult to breathe.


Pupils using school transport

Pupils from 3rd class and up on the primary transport scheme are required to wear face

masks/coverings subject to the exemptions above.


Mixed classes in single rooms

Where there are mixed classes, e.g. 2nd and 3rd class in a single classroom, schools should note that

only children in 3rd class and above, are required to wear face masks.  As per previous advice,

however, parents of other children who would prefer that their children wear a face mask are not precluded from doing this.


Provision of face masks

Parents should be advised that they obtain face masks for their children which fit properly and are comfortable for the child to wear.  In the event that a child forgets, loses or damages their masks during the course of the school day, then the school should have a sufficient supply to replace the mask for the child in case a back-up face covering is needed during the day or where required on an ongoing basis.

These are the Department of Education Guidelines issued on 30/11/2021


Newsletter November 2021

Parent Teacher Meetings:  As Covid 19 infection numbers continue to rise we think it wise to delay or postpone face to face general Parent Teacher meeting until Term 2.

Covid 19: Also we will require Declaration Forms for Return to School after any absence from 29th Nov onwards. This will include return after going home from school sick and returning the next day. Forms being sent home today with children, also a Text will be sent with link to form, Text a Parent. Link to form on this page also: in word which can be emailed to school. ( office@kingslandns.ie)

Return to Educational Facility Declaration Form.doc (live.com)

We are aware that some children may have a Chronic illness and have a persistent cough (due to Asthma for example ) and the HSE has this Declaration form if you need to notify the school in such cases.

Chronic symptoms Parental Declaration Form.docx (live.com)

Keep to the guidelines, social distancing, hand washing and cut contacts to a minimum and we will again come through this surge.

HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre. Isolation Guide for children from 3 months to 13 years.


Antigen Testing: Letter going out tomorrow regarding the Antigen Testing for Primary Schools check school bags please.


Holy Day 8th December,  school is closed.



Children First Info for Parents:

gov.ie - Children First (www.gov.ie)


Covid Information for Parents: Available on gov.ie




Fundraising Clothes Collection: Last drop off day Tues 2nd November. Keep clothes and shoes seperate. No Duvets, no suitcases please. Drop in school shelter at the back of the school. Thanks.



The HSE has provided information for parents about the changes to contact tracing and testing for children aged between 3 months and 13 years in early learning and care, school aged childcare, education, primary school sports and social settings. You can find it here:







Update from HSE for Early Learning and Care (ELC) and School Age Childcare (SAC) managers and school principals on the changes to COVID 19 testing and contact tracing for children, 3months to under 13 years (and inclusive of all children attending primary school) Main Points:

· In line with recommendations from the National Public Health Emergency Team, it has been agreed that from September 27th 2021, automatic contact tracing of asymptomatic close contacts in children aged over 3 months and less than 13 years, in ELC and SAC facilities, primary education and social and sporting groups is no longer recommended.

· This means that children aged between 3 months and 13 years who are identified as a close contact in ELC / SAC or education settings, social and sporting groups, or other non-household settings and who are asymptomatic will no longer be routinely required to restrict their movements.

· Children aged between 3 months and 13 years who are identified, as household close contacts and are not fully vaccinated or have had a confirmed Covid-19 diagnoses in the last 9 months (even if they have no symptoms) will still need to restrict their movements and get a COVID 19 test. A child is a household contact if they were present over-night, in the household of a COVID 19 case while the case was infectious. This may be in their own home or someone else’s home for example children who may have been on sleepovers with family or friends.

HSE New Guidelines 27th Sept 2021

Symptoms of COVID-19 - HSE.ie

Contact tracing under 13s.pdf (hpsc.ie)


Newsletter September 2021

Dear Parent

Covid Update – See Website www.kingslandns.ie  / Newsletter Tab


Dates for Diary:

Monday 18th Oct School closing at 12:00 as teachers/staff have an In-service Primary Language Curriculum Planning Day.  The School bus will be collecting at 12:00.       


Halloween Break (Mid-Term) School closed Monday the 25th Oct to Friday 29th of Oct.           


School Photography: Tuesday Nov 16th at 11:30am.

Other Items:

Green schools Flag presented on Tuesday 5th of Oct at 11 am (via Zoom)



Child who wishes to bring in their own football please –

-Put name on it.

-Have it in a carrier bag.

-Not in and out every day. Leave in school Monday to Friday.


Food Dudes:

Free Fruit and Veg coming for all children for 1 week (Oct).

Confirmation /Communion;

Thank you to all the families involved for making those Sunday Mass celebrations such a wonderful parish occasion.  A credit to you all.


School Fees/Contributions:

Thanks to all Families who have paid already €60 in total per Family. Due now.


Cooler/Wet weather:

As Autumn winter progresses a coat will be required for Break time- as Classrooms are recommended to be ventilated – children may be outside for a period during inclement weather.


Drop off of Items:

If you need to drop off any items for children during the school day the box in the shelter is available, just let us know by phone call and we will make sure your child receives it.



We would like to welcome -

Ms Nolan as our SEN Teacher for this year.

Nuala O’Grady – Part-time Secretary, Tuesday and Thursday Mornings .



School Reopening on Monday 30th August. Normal school day, Infant hometime 2.00pm, all others 3.00pm

Read on for Dept of Education advice regarding Back to School and also Our School Newsletter.


Notice Sept 2021 Covid19 and Reopening of School

Information for Parents:



  • Reminders for Parents:
    • Do not congregate at or near school during drop off and collection times
    • Communication with the school must take place by phone or online
    • School policy in relation to children with symptoms of COVID-19.  Do not to send children to school if they are:
      • close contacts of a person with COVID-19
      • are awaiting a test
      • are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
      • if they live with someone who has symptoms of the virus
      • if they have travelled outside of Ireland (see latest Govt. advice – click here

Useful Links:


Video and other info for Parent and Pupils on Return to school

gov.ie - Information for students, parents and families (www.gov.ie)


Return to Educational Facility Form (Not required for Sept reopening at the moment)


Wellbeing Information



Parental Guide to close contacts



Guidelines and Restriction remain in place in school setting as per last term. Contact school via phone or email rather than visiting the school. Keep close contacts to a minimum and observe all the advice regarding Hand Hygiene, social distancing, gatherings, and observe protocols in place.


Newsletter September 2021 

Newsletter Reopening of School: New School Year 2021-2022


Arrangements for return to school on 30th. August 2021: with Covid 19 Restrictions


Updated  Plan for the reopening of the School: Subject to amendments if circumstances change.

Underlying Principles:

  • The school has a responsibility to make effort to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all members of our school community – children, parents and staff. This plan has been formulated to better ensure that the school can exercise that duty of care.


  • Assuming it is in keeping with public health advice and guidelines issued by the Department of Education and Skills, it is preferable for all children to return to school for all five days of the school week and for a full school day. This plan has been formulated to achieve that aim.


  • It is not possible to eliminate the risk of infection. However, with the co-operation of all members of our school community, it is possible to minimise the risk of the virus being introduced to school and the consequent risk of its spread.


  • As well as co-operation, the flexibility and goodwill of all will be required to ensure the plan can be implemented.


 The School is directed by the HPSC guidelines on reopening of schools and Educational facilities: Reopening of School Roadmap Department of Education, and our Board of Management.


The key recommendations are: ( https://www.hpsc.ie/)

• Minimising Risk of Introduction of Infection (Exclusion of pupils, staff members and visitors who are ill)

  • High temperature 
  • Cough 
  • Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
  • Loss of smell, of taste or distortion of taste


• Managing risk by the following:

  1. o Regular hand hygiene
  2. o Maintaining physical distancing
  3. o Application of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
  4. o Environmental hygiene


General Information:

Visitors to school:

Visits to the school during the school day should be by prior arrangement and visitors should be received at a specific contact point (Entrance Hallway) and should be subject to the same controls that apply to staff entering the school.

Physical distancing of 2 metres should be maintained with visitors where possible.  Mask to be worn by visitors.

Directions on Hand Hygiene:

Frequency of hand hygiene • Pupils and staff should perform hand hygiene:


            o On arrival at school;

            o Before eating or drinking;

            o After using the toilet; 

            o After playing outdoors
            o When their hands are physically dirty;

            o When they cough or sneeze


1.Dealing with a suspected case of Covid-19

Pupils should not attend school if displaying any symptoms of Covid-19. If a pupil displays symptoms of Covid-19 while in the building, the following are the procedures will be implemented:

  • Parents/guardians will be contacted immediately
  • The child will be accompanied to the designated isolation area via the isolation route by a member of staff. The staff member will remain at least 2 metres away from the symptomatic child and will also make sure that others maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from the symptomatic child at all times
  • A mask will be provided for the child presenting with symptoms, if one is available. He/she should wear the mask if in a common area with other people or while exiting the premises
  • An assessment will be made as to whether the child who is displaying symptoms can immediately be brought home by parents and call their doctor and continue self-isolation at home
  • The school will facilitate the child presenting with symptoms to remain in isolation, if they cannot immediately go home, and will assist them with calling their GP.
  • The child presenting with symptoms should be advised to cover their mouth and nose with the disposable tissue provided when they cough or sneeze and to put the tissue in the waste bag provided
  • If the child is well enough to go home, the school will arrange for them to be transported home by a family member, as soon as possible, and advise them to inform their GP by phone of their symptoms.
  • If they are too unwell to go home or advice is required, the school will contact 999 or 112 and inform them that the sick child is a Covid-19 suspect.
  • Arrangements will be made for appropriate cleaning of the isolation area and work areas involved.


The HSE will inform any staff/parents who have come into close contact with a diagnosed case via the contact tracing process. The HSE will contact all relevant persons where a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made. The instructions of the HSE should be followed.


Children who should not attend school

If your child is in one of the following categories, they should not attend school –

  • Children who have been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Children who have been in close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Children who have a suspected case of Covid-19 and the outcome of the test is pending
  • Children who have been in contact with a person who has a suspected case of Covid-19 and the outcome of the test is pending
  • Children with underlying health conditions who have been directed by a medical professional not to attend school
  • Children who have returned home after travelling abroad and must self-isolate for a period of 14 days
  • Children who are generally unwell
  • Please note as directed by the HPSC guidance to parents, for all children on return from ANY absence parents must send a ‘ Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form’ to the school. Not required at present for return in Sept 2021 to date as far as we know.


The HSE will inform any staff/parents who have come into close contact with a diagnosed case via the contact tracing process. The HSE will contact all relevant persons where a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made. The instructions of the HSE should be followed and staff and pupil confidentiality is essential at all times. 

Supporting the Learning of Children who cannot attend school

If a child is not able to attend school for an extended period of time, the class teacher (and/or the learning support teacher, where relevant) suggested activities to support the child’s learning at home will be shared with parents.


School Staff and Covid 19: Same direction with regard to Covid 19 that applies to general workers returning to work will apply to Staff in schools. A return to work form must be signed and procedures followed as per Guidelines from the Department of Education. Also, Staff that are in an environment where 2m physical distancing requirement cannot be met a face shield (or mask) will be worn by the staff. This is the recommended procedure from the Minister for Education. All staff will avail of the Department of Education training for reopening schools,’ Primary School Induction’ Training’. Medical Grade Masks are now advised to be worn instead of Visor where at all possible. (Feb 2021)


Classroom arrangements:

Junior Room are in their own room and Junior Infants to 2nd Class are not required to physical distance.

Senior Classes, 3rd to 6th class will be in the General Purpose Room (Big Room). Children from 3rd to 6th class are required to maintain 1m physical distance. Therefore, we will have two main bubbles, Junior Room and Senior room. The senior room will be divided in the classroom into separate class pods, (3) 3 and 4 one pod, 5th class one pod, 6th class one pod. This is for in the classroom. Each child 1m apart and each pod 1m apart.



Junior Room classes will have a zoned area just for these classes Infants to 2nd class.

Senior Room classes will have a zones area just for these classes 3rd to 6th class.


Morning Arrival:

Children from the School Bus will walk to their designated point and wait for instructions. Children walk into school and Hand Sanitise at Entrance, maintain 1m social distance  when walking into the school and classroom. Remain in seats at desk as requested by teachers. Children who are dropped off by car for 9.20am will wait at designated points for instruction and will enter the school via the main door and sanitise their hands before entering. Go to their classroom  and remain in their seat as requested by teacher. If children are arriving by Frenchpark Bus (Childcare) please inform Frenchpark Childcare of the procedures, and that 9.20am is our opening time.


Toilet Areas for Pupils and Staff:

Junior Room use toilets Boys and Girls in the old building.

Senior Room Boys use Toilets in GP Room, Girls use Toilet in Old Building.

Staff use a separate Toilet Area.


Children in School:


  • Follow directions from Staff/Teachers
  • Maintain 1m Social Distancing within school building as much as possible.
  • Maintain 1m Social Distancing when on the yard.
  • Follow the Washing of Hands and Hand Sanitising when required
  • Don't share your Stationary (Pens, pencils, rulers ets,,,)
  • Leave your Pencil cases in school for school work.
  • Teacher will direct what School Books or copies to take in and out of school.
  • No sharing of gloves or hats
  • Practice Cough etiquette
  • Use tissue and dispose in bin
  • School Bus children follow directions of Bus Driver
  • Follow the Code of Behaviour of the school


Parent Information:


Access and Exit doors of the School:

Morning Entrance is at the Main  School Door Entrance.

Exit for Junior Room is by the far end Frenchpark Gable side Door.

Exit for the Senior Classes is the Main Door to the school.

Access for visitors is the Main Entrance Door. Buzz for entry.

No Parents/Guardians are allowed into the school when collecting or dropping the children unless by prior appointment. Contact school by phone or note in Homework Journal.

Children must be signed out if leaving early.

‘Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form’ to be submitted to the school in relation to any absences. Not a requirement as of yet for reopening in Sept 2021. We will inform you if this changes.


Taking Temperatures:  

Note: On-site temperature taking is not recommended because fever is not a consistent symptom of COVID-19 in children and would result in delayed school entry. ...educational settings do not need to take children’s temperatures every morning. (P9  hpsc Interim Recommendations for reopening of schools)


School Uniform:

School Uniform to be worn for school only, it should not be worn to other premises such as shops or after school... If so it needs to be steamed of washed before wearing into school again.

Follow the HSE/NPHET guidelines as regards symptoms of Covid 19 and children with any flu like symptoms should not be in school as a precaution, contact your GP for guidance.


Hand Sanitising: There will be hand sanitising stations at entry points to school building. There will be Hand Sanitising devices throughout the school building.


Infants Collection at 2.00pm

Children will come out their Exit Door and take up their positions at the numbered station waiting area. Numbered 1 to 10 in the Yard. Parents will come to the yard and collect the child and maintain Social Distancing from other parents/children when collecting. 2m markings are on the yard to help.

If weather is too bad to bring the children out to yard, parents come to Frenchpark End of the school to the Side Door Exit keeping to the Blue Spacing 2m apart and the teacher will let the children out to each parent.

Again no parents will be allowed into the school building. Parents are encouraged to wear face coverings if possible when entering the grounds of the school. Parent who are availing of the Frenchpark Bus for afterschool need to inform them of the procedures for collection at 2.00pm.


Early Collection:

If you have to collect your child early, please inform the school by telephone or by note in Journal. Give exact time for collection. Buzz at front Door. Your child will be brought to the Side Exit Door. (Junior Room Exit) Senior Room children will Exit from the Main Door. The teacher will record the Early Collection in the Attendance Log for you.


General School Information for September 2021


School Fees for this School Year 2021-2022:   Any outstanding school fees to be paid by the end of September please. The breakdown of the fees are as follows:

Book Rental= 25 euro. Art Photocopying= 25 euro. Reading Eggs/Mathletics/Mathseeds= 10 euro

Total per Family = 60 euro

School Bus:

The bus company providing the service this year is Ailín O Hara, O’Hara Coaches Ballaghaderreen. He was successful with the Tendering Process for this route.


General Policies:

Please ensure that your child’s name is on any items of clothing brought to school as they can easily get mixed up, jumpers and coats especially. So also with generally stationary items, pencil cases....

Please adhere to our Healthy Lunch Policy. Well done and a big thank you to the effort made with the Fruit and Veg during last year.

School uniform to be worn, (leggins are not part of the school uniform) suitable footwear for playing during breaks should be worn. Sew-on school crests are available from the school, 3 euro each.

General note in diary to communicate with teacher if child is absent plus Covid 19 Form either hard copy/email/text a parent.

No school swimming this year due to Covid.

Generally, the school will operate as per last year under Covid restrictions especially in light of new Delta variant.


Allianz  24 hour Pupil Accident Cover

If you wish to purchase this individual Insurance cover, please return the Allianz Form with the appropriate fee (9 Euro per child for 24/7 Cover) to the school by Friday 3rd.  September. This Insurance is entirely optional. All Children enrolled in the school are covered under the general  school  insurance for the school day.   


Confirmation and First Holy Communion Dates (Set by PP at the request of Bishop Kevin):Going ahead for the Diocese as direcred by Bishop Kevin.

Kingsland NS will be separate to Ballinameen NS for the Sacraments this year for Covid 19 reasons.

Kingsland NS date and times:

Confirmation Date is set for Sunday 12th September 2021 11.00am Mass in Breedogue Church. (For current 6th Class and Last year's 6th class).

First Holy Communion Date is set for Sunday 19th September 2021 11.00 am Mass in Breedogue Church. (For Last year's  2nd class.)


We Pray at the Beginning of this school year:

God of wisdom and might, we praise you for the wonder of our being, for mind, body and spirit.
Be with our children as they begin a new school year.
Bless them and their teachers and staff.
Give the strength and grace as their bodies grow;
wisdom and knowledge to their minds as they search for understanding, and peace and zeal to their hearts. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


********School Closures 2021-2022 (That we are aware of to Date)************


Reopening 30th August 2021 for all pupils

Mid Term Break Closed Mon 25th Oct to Fri 29th Oct. (Halloween)

Closed Wed 8th December Church Holiday

Christmas Closing Wednesday (Half Day) 22nd.  Dec.

Reopening Friday 7th January 2022

Mid Term Break February Thurs 24th. And Fri 25th.

St. Patrick’s Day Thursday 17th March

Easter Holidays, Closed Mon 11th April to Fri 22nd. April

Bank Holiday Monday May 2nd Closed

Bank Holiday Monday June 6th. Closed

Summer Closing Fri 24th June

END of Newsletter



Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form: Url Link




School Year 2020/2021

Green Schools Flag: Breaking News!!!

Dear Green-Schools co-ordinator, 

I am delighted to inform you that your application for your Green Flag has been successful. Your assessor and the team at Green-Schools were very impressed with your application, congratulations! Please pass on all our thanks to all the hard-working members of your Green-Schools committees, and everyone in the school. 

You all deserve a huge amount of credit for your efforts. The work that you are doing is really having a positive impact, and when the work of all schools is combined it’s truly amazing! 

As the deadline was extended until the end of June, we hope to celebrate with all awarded schools in September. Further details about our virtual ceremony will follow. We will ensure you receive your Green Flag and certificate in September and hope that you can celebrate with a flag raising in your own school then. 

Congratulations again on your success. 


Cathy Baxter 

Green-Schools Manager 

Environmental Education Unit, 

An Taisce- The National Trust for Ireland 





Confirmation and First Holy Communion Dates (Set by PP at the request of Bishop Kevin):

Kingsland NS will be separate to Ballinameen NS for the Sacraments this year for Covid 19 reasons.

Kingsland NS date and times:

Confirmation Date is set for Sunday 12th September 2021 11.00am Mass in Breedogue Church. (for Current  5th and 6th classes).

First Holy Communion Date is set for Sunday 19th September 2021 11.00 am Mass in Breedogue Church. (For current 2nd class.)



Air Sterile Units: The School Board of Management has purchased Air Sterile units for all classrooms and they were installed over Easter. These Units are on 24/7 and cleanse the air and ensure that the air is fresh. They also remove odours and prevent mould fungus on the walls.

Green Schools: Thanks to all who participated in sending in Posters for the Green Schools Code, Global Citizenship Energy Theme. We will be having our Virtual Assessment in June. All posters will be displayed in the school and are on our school website. 


Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form: Url Link




Return to School info from Department of Education and Skills

gov.ie - Back to school advice for parents, students and families (www.gov.ie)

Video for Pupils:


Video for Parents;



Latest Update on Reopening School: Yesterday letter from Department of Education to Principals: 15th March for 3rd to 6th Class.

Letter-to-Primary-Principals-8Mar21.pdf (into.ie)

School reopening for Senior Room Classes Monday 15th. March

Dear Parent,

Children from 3rd to 6th Class are back on Monday next 15th. March. Usual Hand Sanitising and all protocols will be in place for Covid 19 as before. School Bus will also be in operation as usual.

There is one Extra requirement for Pupils returning for Any absence is that they fill in the PARENT must fill in the ‘Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form’. See also link below. Copy of Form will be sent by email and can be emailed back. 

Please adhere to the School Guidelines as before Christmas as regards No Gathering outside school when dropping off or collecting, wearing masks coming into collect from yard, dropping off items to shelter if required. Ring the school if there is a message for Teacher or Child. Follow the guidelines as regards Covid 19 symptoms. Remember the school is only as safe as the Community Transmissions. Keep doing the Hand Washing, limit contacts, 2m distancing, wearing masks….


Parent Information on Reopening of School 2021 (some links to info)

gov.ie - Information for students, parents and families (www.gov.ie)

gov.ie - Back to School (www.gov.ie)


Return to Educational Facility (hpsc guidelines, appendix 1) Pupil Form




Important Message from Bishop Kevin in preparation for Confirmation for the Children of 5th and 6th class.

Confirmation Preparation- Video from Bishop Kevin-Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

(Link Below)




Full message on link below: Regarding Celebration of Sacraments in 2021 school year:


Pastoral Message from the Bishops of the Six Dioceses of the Tuam Province

Dear Parishioners, brother Priests and Deacons, Religious and Friends,

Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation

In so far as the Government plan currently offers no clarity about when we might expect to return to public Sacramental life, we find it difficult to have any confidence that the Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation can be celebrated before the end of the present school year. As of now, we have decided to defer the Sacrament of Confirmation for the 2021 class until the Autumn, and we encourage our parishes to consider doing the same in relation to First Holy Communion. Should the circumstances change for the better, this decision can be revisited in each Diocese.  In the meantime, we encourage young people and their parents to continue with their preparation.  We have provided online resources to support what is being done through the Religious Education programme with the teachers in the schools.

Sincerely in Christ

Michael Neary (Archbishop of Tuam)                Brendan Kelly (Bishop of Galway)

John Fleming (Bishop of Killala)                       Kevin Doran (Bishop of Elphin)

Michael Duignan (Bishop of Clonfert)               Paul Dempsey (Bishop of Achonry)

3rd March 2021



Parent’s  Newsletter Kingsland NS Jan 2021

Remote Learning Update:

There has been 100% engagement by pupils in the remote learning offered by Kingsland NS. The Schools has an educational licence for Zoom and this enables the teacher to have complete control of duration of classes or calls, settings for security, creating unique link for call, waiting rooms so teacher can only admit the person trying to join. This ensures that it is a safe and controlled environment. In the junior room families have individual times. This often means that Mrs Hayden can’t allow you into the zoom lesson until your allocated time. Once she finishes with the previous child, she lets the next child in. All links are sent through the parent’s email.

Each pupil in the Junior Room was offered 4 days a week Zoom Call (Face to face) by the Class Teacher (15 min each day min.) All children are on Zoom Call at least once a week, depending on parents working, children in crèche, poor internet. Devices were made available to any family that required a device and this has helped lessen the pressure at home. This included :  ipads, laptop, tablets. However the poor Broadband is a major factor in the quality of Internet access for a lot of families. Children are also availing of assignment set by the teacher via email. Textbook, workbooks, worksheets, on-line based programs Mathletics and Reading Eggs where activities are also assigned for the pupils. (This is monitored by the teacher). For Reading  Eggs each child has their own password and they are able to login to complete assignments ranging from Reading Books, Comprehension, spelling, phonics. In the junior room assignments are set each week in reading eggs, senior infants upwards. Junior infant should also log on and work at fast phonics lessons or their maps. Mathletics are also set each week junior infants to second class. Parents should ensure that children log onto both every week.

The Senior Room children are grouped in Classes: 5th and 6th. class together, 3rd. And 4th.class together. Each group has 3 Zoom sessions (Face to face) each week for approximately 1 hour in duration (some last longer). Work is also assigned through email in Textbooks, workbooks and worksheets. Reading Eggspress and Mathletics on line is also assigned to each child. (This is monitored by the teacher).

The SET teacher is also in contact with Special needs children on a regular basis as well as the children attending her support during term 1. (For reading or maths for example). She also assigns work for the children and has Zoom calls with them. (Face to face time). The SNA is in contact with specific children also offering support.

Feedback has been very positive and parents can also contact the Teachers via email or on the Zoom call if required. Books or extra worksheets are collected from the shelter at the school.

We also use the school Website to communicate with pupils and parents on our Newsletter page. Text a Parent is used to communicate short messages to parents for example, collecting worksheets etc from the school shelter or if work is posted on the website for pupils or sent by email.

Well done to pupils, parents and staff for the great work being done and if we take it week by week we will get through this period of lockdown. If you require further support please contact us. Stay safe and keep up the great work.  



Message from Minister for Education Norma Foley:  gov.ie - Back to School (www.gov.ie)



New Board of Management Kingsland NS elected

Board of Management Members of Kingsland NS 2019-2023

Mary Harrington (Chairperson)

Very Rev. Fr. Larry Ebuk

Seán Mc Garry (Parent Nominee)

Patrice Cregg (Parent Nominee)

David Muldowney

Maria Lavin

Olive Hayden 

David Murphy


Useful websites:

Depatment of Education and Skills:  http://www.education.ie

NCCA National Council for Curriculum and Assessment::  http://www.ncca.ie

NCSE National Council for Special Education: http://www.ncse.ie

National Parents Council:  http://www.npc.ie

Help for Study :  http://www.khanacademy.org

Help for Research:  http://www.scoilnet.ie

Helpmykid:  http://www.helpmykidlearn.ie

Maths: http://www.mathsisfun.com

Health:  http://www.tusla.ie

Child Protection: http://www.education.ie/en/Schools-Colleges/Information/Child-Protection/Information.html

Religion:  http://www.elphindiocese.ie

Irish/Gaeilge: http://www.nicurriculum.org.uk/snas_ar_sceal/index.html

General Learning:  http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk

General Learning: http://www.askaboutireland.ie


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