Attracta Patron of Kingsland

St Attracta N.S.
(Or ST Aragjt).
A contemporary of St Patrick from whom she received the veil. She is known as the foundress of several churches in the Counties of Galway, Roscommon and Sligo Ireland. Colgans's account of her life is based on that written by Augustine Magraidin in the last years of fourteenth century, and abounds in improbable statements. However the fact of St. Attracta receiving the veil from St Patrick is corroborated by Tirechain, in the “Book of Armagh” A native of the County Sligo, she resolved to devote herself to God, but being opposed by her parents, fled to South Connacht and made her first foundation at Drumconnell, near Boyle, County Roscommon, whence she removed to Greagraighe of Coolavin, County Sligo. At Killaraght, St Attracta established a hospice for travellers, which existed as late as 1539. Her name was so great that numerous places were named after her e.g. Killaraght (Cill Attracta),
The feast of St. Attracta, on 11th August, is given special honour in the Diocese of Achonry, of which she is the patroness. The prayers and proper lessons for her Office were drawn up by Cardinal Moran.

'Bygone Years at Kingsland'


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